Geochemical surveying and infrastructure improvements


The Bear Mountain property sits 5km northeast of Harrison, BC within the New Westminster Mining Division. The Harrison Gold occurrence is underlain by Brokenback Hill Formation volcanics and sediments which have been intruded by numerous quartz-diorite stocks likely related to the Hicks Lake Batholith (MINFILE 092HSW092). Quartz-pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite-tellurobismuthite veins perpendicular to quartz-diorite stocks host high-grade Au. Historical work includes two underground audits and extensive drilling leading to resource estimates at the Jenner stock zone (Assessment Report 20144).


A variety of geochemical surveying and infrastructure improvements were undertaken to discover further quartz-diorite intrusions overlain by overburden and not visible at surface.

UTM: 10 5463000 mN 591500 mE